More than 500,000 people will not survive their cancer battle each year, despite recent advances in how cancer is treated. The problem is that the science of oncology advances more rapidly than the actual practice and application of oncology. This is a source of frustration for physicians and patients alike who practice “traditional” oncology. Meanwhile, patients suffer and don’t survive. 

Dr. Crozier’s Integrative Cancer Treatment is a unique therapy for treating individuals with cancer, which utilizes multiple modalities including, off-label pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vaccines and other types of immunotherapy, novel drugs/substances, dietary treatments, mind-body techniques, hyperthermia, homeopathy, and prayer. He works with cancer patients in the areas of targeted cancer therapies, immunology, dietary and nutritional supplements, and certain peptide therapies. 

At Crozier Clinic, Integrative medical treatments focus on the patient’s spirit, mind and body. The focus of treatment is to change the internal environment (internal milieu) of the body from one that promotes cancer growth to one that promotes healing and supports healthy cells. It fights the tumor from within by activating the immune system and starving the cancer. Dr. Crozier addresses the root causes of the illness where possible, and uses the most effective, intelligent strategies to disarm the growing cancer and the multiple components that perpetuate its unrelenting growth.

Dr. Crozier believes that cancer is in essence a metabolic illness. In the right metabolic circumstances it is able to take hold in the body. If these metabolic conditions are maintained or enhanced, the cancer will not only continue to live, but grow and overcome the body’s inherent defenses. In our model of cancer treatment and support, we attempt to halt, interrupt, and even reverse these processes. 



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